Sunday, August 9, 2009


i actually decided to go get a fade after my cut. it doesnt really look any shorter but it looks a lil more appealing to me. i never really thought my hair could effect anybody negatively...but recently i have been hit wit some honest criticism from people who really dont like what i have done. but the question that has been on my mind lately is what does hair have to do with beauty??? my grandmother tells me everyday that this hair style doesnt become me and it hides my beauty. i think if anybody thinks im beautiful that it doesnt matter what i do to my hair...that shouldnt change anything. i have learned that being different is being BOLD and it takes a strong person to stand out...its not easy. TRUST. this hair cut has boosted my self esteem and i feel better about myself. its helping me to embrace ME for the way I am. and at this moment in time i am LOVING ME! yeah people have been rude but i expected it...its only giving me more push to go in the opposite direction of everybody else.


  1. so True!!! I don't think hair should define your beauty either...If you love the way you look then work it girl!!!
    Nice blog

  2. Yep, a haircut like that is definitely not for the weak! Trust me, been there done that and I kinda wanna go back to it again. Its so chic and easy. You wear it well!