Saturday, August 1, 2009

a new me

this is the new mee! this is a new begginning for many more things than my hair but my hair is whats the most appearant. it was a lil emotional i cant lie...grls get so attatched to their hair bt it felt great. it took alota guts to do sumthin so bold. for all the girls and women out there who have done this i give you props. once you cut it all off there is no going back. im still learning how to manage my hair and looking for new styles and better love any good advice or comments. :) .


  1. My hair is natural .
    I trasitioned from march to august .
    And on august 14th , i got a fadee .

    I get weaves and braids from time to time .
    But going natural is the best thing i couldve had possibly done for my hair .
    I didnt know how good my hair actually is .
    haha .
    good luck to you , youve a brave girl :)

  2. heyy short hair works for you
    most girls i know just wear their hair out
    but you should check out this site :

    its a whole blog dedicated to two girls and their journey on natural hair

  3. check out my blog

    its worth readingg i promiseee;;)