Saturday, September 19, 2009

back from my blogger break

hey bloggers...its been so long since i have actually posted anything. everything lately has been so cpu caught a virus, i have been running for homecoming queen, and just the usual things that come along with a new school year. alot of things have been on my mind lately...i recently had a convo with a close friend of mines. i swear he is like a genius of some type. he makes me think about things in ways that i would have never began to....just listening to him give his opinion helped me come to the conclusion that the human race will never really gain all the knowlege that their is. even the geniuses of this society think they kno it all but does the number of years that you attend schooling or the number of books read or written or philosophies cum up with mean you have knowlege??? humans havent even scraped the surface of TRUE knowlege. its hard to believe. humans are very clever dnt get me wrong we have come up wit the best inventions over the years but humans limit their knowlege to the books that other humans have written. i believe school is there for us to learn how to think nd use the knowlege that we recieve from them to go out and seek something greater. knowlege is based on more than books and experiences. its something way deeper....

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