Saturday, July 25, 2009

feeling happy to b nappyy

now for the longest i have been tryin to find a style that best fits me, easy to manage, and sumthin i can keep up with durring track...which is basicly all year. i have tried sum styles that worked temporarily most of them were with weave. now i nvr really cared for weave that much but i was hearing that it was manageable and i cn change up the style wit out havin to do here are the hair styles that i have tried.

as yu can tell i have been thru quite a few... myy curls and kinky twists were the most manageable. matter of fact i loved my curls....BUT theyy werent natural. nd i was spendin money at thee salon every two weeks and sweating it out at practice. right now im kind of n a cruch because next saturday i have to go to j.o.'s (junior olympics) for track [thank god i made it] i will b gone to iowa far away from home for a week and a day. i have no idea what im going to do to this HAIR!!! so....i started to go research for sum ideas...and i thought about dreds...they r cute low maintenance bt most disagreed and as of now i havent gotten a perm for about 8 months because of kinky twists and weave and if i were to get a perm i would want to wait until school started back again. well i still had no answers so today i decided to do sum more research and i thought to my self im about to b a senior i want to go out with a BANG!! this is the last year of high school for me and this last year is the year that everybody will remember the most. it holds the most memories and since its the year of 2010 i figured i shud do sumthing different and leave a lastin impression on others. i ran across this woman on youtube who has actually inspired me to go natural. you dont see many teens or adults for that matter going natural. i thought it would set a statement for kids around my age and even older. her youtube name is blackonyx77 here is her 1 yr journey while tryin to grow her hair natural.

this is where i soon wish to b.

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