Saturday, July 25, 2009

day one

well i am a begginer at blogging and i was told to talk about things that interested me the most. im not sure how this blogging thing goes but im sure itll b easy to do ...i catch on quick. i shud introduce myself to the blogging world so...myy name is Jhorden S'Jarel Hunter and i attend thurgood marshall. my love and hobby at the moment is track. it has kept me outta tons of trouble and has opened many doors. i am interested in the arts, photography, fashion, hair, sports, and anything out of the ordinary. this blog will not consist of any consistant subjects i will post and update anything that seems to peek my interest at the moment. if i have a story to tell it will b told...i tryy to stay honest and still tactful with my words i dnt mean to hurt anyone bt onlyy speak my opinion. if i am trying anything new i will update it and let you follow my journey thru myy mistakes and accomplishments. i will say i am the type of girl that tries to do things a lil different. i dont always stand out from the crowd but i try to and if i dnt always succeed i make sure i leave a lasting impression on whoever i meet and last but not least i try to keep things a lil more simple in my world....the more simple the better : ) .

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