Monday, December 28, 2009

Shakin My Weave

alot has changed in the life of Jhorden S'Jarel Hunter. my hair has been growing successfully since the day i cut it. i am happy with my look and the changes that came along with it. little did i know that when i decided to cut my hair alot more would change about me then the look. i look at alot of things differently nw. i appreciate natural women alot more than i used to. the most recent thing is my weave. alota ppl have been wondering what happend nd why did i go back to the hair, but if it was up to me i wudnt have added any more hair then what was on my head to start wit. the last appointment i had with my stylist went completely wrong. for some odd reason she figured that if she edged me up in the front i would look better then i already did. unfortunately it ddnt turn out so well. i felt as if i appeared more masculine than i wanted. the last thing i wud want is to attract ppl of the same sex. my grandparents opposed weave, but i felt as if it was a necessity. im nt used to wearing weave for very long but ill get used to it. at the moment i am content and very happy. id rather go out into the public with somebody elses hair then walk out lookin a fool. hopefully my hair will grow back as healthy as it was and i wnt have to b bound to weave for much lnger.

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